Taking care of privacy is a key part of Mercus Software’s operations. All our services are based on skilful employees, secure practices and tested technologies. Our processing of personal data complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and other applicable data protection legislation and follows good data processing practices.

Customers and other partners

Our privacy policy for customers and other partners is available in Finnish.

Website visitors

When you visit our site

Your IP address and other technical details from your device, such as your operating system and browser, are stored in a technical log for 30 days. When you visit a page that includes a video, the same data passes on to our video service provider Vimeo. See Vimeo’s privacy policy.

We use Plausible Analytics to collect anonymous statistics about traffic to this site. The statistics show us, for example, what pages people visit on our site and what kind of devices and browsers visitors use. We do not use cookies to collect this data, and no personal information is collected or stored in the statistics. See Plausible Analytics’ data policy.

We use Google Ads conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of advertising. Conversion tracking can count how many people who reach our site through Google Ads visit certain pages or perform certain other actions. We have configured conversion tracking so that it does not use cookies or store IP addresses or other personal data. Read more about privacy in Google Ads.

If you give your consent, we store analytics cookies, which are small text files, in your browser to collect statistics about the usage of our site. We use Google Analytics to collect these statistics. They show us, for example, what devices and browsers people use to access our site and how they interact with the site. See Google Analytics’ privacy policy.

Accept analytics cookies

When you watch videos

We use Vimeo to show you videos. When you start a video on our site, Vimeo may send your browser cookies, that is small text files, that it considers essential for the video experience. See Vimeo’s cookie policy and privacy policy.

When you contact us

We use Formspree to manage contact form submissions. When you submit a form on our site, Formspree processes the submission and forwards it to us. In addition to the information that you enter in the form, Formspree has access to technical details from your device, such as your IP address, operating system and browser. Formspree may also store cookies in your browser. See Formspree’s privacy policy.

We keep form submissions for up to one year, unless processing the submission requires that we keep it for longer.

Bases for processing personal data

The processing of personal data that takes place on this site is based on our legitimate interest to maintain this website. When you agree to analytics cookies or contact us, the processing is based on your consent.

Transferring data outside EEA countries

We process your personal data in Finland. Our service providers Vimeo, Google and Formspree may also process data outside the European Economic Area (EEA). When this is the case, data transfers outside the EEA are done in accordance with data protection legislation.

Your rights

You have the right to view the data that we store about you and request us to correct or delete data. If you wish to use these rights, please contact us by email at or by mail at the address below:

Oy Mercus Software Ltd
Personal data request
Kimpisenkatu 9
53100 Lappeenranta

Last updated 26 January 2022