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Elements of bid calculation

Broker Estimate bid calculation software

Broker Estimate (BE) has been developed on the idea that bid calculation is the most important part of a profitable business operation.

Every credible ERP system has a bid calculation module. In our experience, Broker Estimate is the only bid calculation solution that lets you customise the bid structure, that is the customer solution, effortlessly and without restrictions.

These and hundreds of other smart innovations explain why Broker Estimate has become the standard for bid calculation for its industry in Finland.

The videos below describe different stages of bid calculation with Broker Estimate.

Management of input data

If you have ever calculated bids yourself, you know that by far the biggest uncertainty is always about the accuracy of the prices that the calculation uses. The details of components to be purchased as well as labour items must be in order. What kind of talent can we use and what are the costs? We need to be able to include this information in our calculations.

Competences and innovations

What sets apart competing companies? How do the best stand out? Real competition takes place through the competitive advantage gained from knowledge-based innovations. A company's know-how and innovative solutions should be recorded in a database, which should be shared with everyone involved in bid calculation.

Building a customer solution

We are entering an era where the cheapest bid is not automatically the winning bid. The best solution and the winning bid arise from a superior understanding of the customer’s need – even when the customer misrepresents their needs. We offer the customer what the customer asks for, but being experts, we also suggest a better alternative.

Competitive bidding of suppliers

A modern supplier is able to price its products on a daily basis. Sophisticated systems even try to predict the price of precious metals and formulate their own pricing criteria accordingly. To that end, BSM is equipped with a system that allows suppliers to compete – even across project boundaries.

Automatic error handling

We got the order – what did we miscalculate? There are two major uncertainties in bid calculation: whether the prices are correct and how much error is left in the calculations. To prevent these problems, Broker Estimate is built to automatically monitor and, of course, alert on 26 potentially different sources of error.

Setting the price

Traditionally, pricing in a calculation application is based on the application developer’s perception, that is, how the application is built. According to our research, Broker Estimate is the only bid calculation application in the world that includes customizable full-cost calculation. This means that the company implants its own pricing know-how into the calculation application.

Exporting data from a calculation

Throughout the calculation process and beyond, we need various types of information from the calculation. If the calculation has been done professionally, it is a goldmine of data. It provides information supporting future projects, procurement and resource management. Most importantly, however, we feel that a calculation can be used to generate a comprehensive project structure.

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